Llano Del Rio in Residence in Tree House in Parking Lot in Santa Monica

11 04 2014

This spring/summer, Llano Del Rio will be doing a series of events as “artist in residence” at the Santa Monica Museum, actually a tree house built in the parking lot there, by Knowhow Shop. Events include outdoor film screening (Dear Comrade + Source Family), A night of utopian inspired music (with Llano Del Rio Collective Members Erin Schneider, Kelly Martin, and perhaps Adam Overton), a Santa Monica biome redesign workshop (with Llano members Fritz Haeg and Robby Herbst), and a large group discussion regarding Utopia and the critical imagination in Southern California (with  Lara Bank, John Burtle, Sandra de la Loza, Ken Ehrlich, Hector Gallegos, Fritz Haeg, Robby Herbst, Kelly Marie Martin, Tom McKenzie, Adam Overton, Janet Sarbanes, Erin Schneider, and Kimberly Varella)

A People’s Art History of Los Angeles with Nicholas Lampert 3/16

23 02 2014

The Llano Del Rio Collective is pleased to host author/historian/artist Nicolas Lampert for two events in relationship to his new book A People’s Art History of The United States. First will be a public gathering, mapping, and preliminary creation of A People’s Art History of Los Angeles; second a reading by Lampert from his new book. The events will occur at 6 then 7 pm at the Public School In Los Angeles (951 Chung King Road 90012), Sunday the 16th of March.


With the gathering and mapping of A People’s Art History of Los Angeles we will collect and share historic sites and  art projects that can constitute a shared people’s art history of LA. Lampert’s book discusses projects of ASCO, SPARC/Judith Baca, Women House, and In Morning And In Rage. But what other art projects constitute our shared progressive/radical/vangardist public art history here in LA? Certainly Tongva petroglyphs, Watts Towers, The Peace Tower, and Tierra De Culebra Park; perhaps placas in the Arroyo, Not A Cornfield, the DIY bike lanes that appeared on Glendale Blvd a few years back, the Peace And Justice Center, Art In Action, or what else? Come to the Public School at 6:00 pm and contribute to our creation of a map/guide of some sorts (TBD) of  A Peoples Art History of Los Angeles with Nicholas Lampert- to be followed by a reading by Nicolas at 7:00.

Back and Print and Available, Map For An Other LA

7 02 2014

The full-color  two-sided map sites and describes locations that support, dream, act and aid in the creation of an other Los Angeles. Beekeepers, greywater operators, hacker spaces, cooperatives, collectives, art spaces, radical places, gardens, swimming holes, cooking collectives, think tanks etc…


The Map For An Other LA, which we put together in 2010, is happily back in print. You can get a copy through Half Letter Press.

Guides For The Future, 2 new Llano guides for 2014

9 10 2013

Western ComradeSoon (April 2014) available: The Llano Del Rio Collective’s guide to Utopias of So.Cal., will be a selection of intentional groups from the Golden  State’s visionary present and past. Along with details of each communities’ founding, the guide will offer practical information regarding the architectural and socio-spatial relics existing at the sites, and information on continuing practices. Find Pisgah-Grande, the Pentecostal church and rehab center in Highland Park; the Unarius Academy of Science, advocating past life therapy, extraterrestrials, and universal peace; the hippie commune the Hog Farm, founded by Wavy Gravy in the 1960’s; the Llano del Rio Colony, a socialist utopia started by a former LA politician in the Antelope Valley in the 1900s, and many more! Produced by the Llano Del Rio Collective and Erin Schneider. For completion in Feb 2014.

Deal_crop380w copy

Yes we can – No, you can’t. The Llano Del Rio Collective is commissioning a diagram from
artist Rosten Woo visualizing the power relationships within the City of Los Angeles, Power In LA (July 2014). Whereas the City Charter and its laws set out relationships of responsibility and command, this graphic will present the felt relationships as experienced by citizens and organizations within Los Angeles. The project will be available as a website and a poster-sized graphic to be made available by the llano Del Rio Collective June 2014.

Radical Geographers & Anticapitalist Politics: a show & tell of research and action

4 04 2013


Saturday April, 13th
The Public School Los Angeles
4:00 pm

A series of short presentations by international members of the Creative Resistance Research Network, The Protest Camps Research Collective, Scapegoat, Occupy Research Collective, and the AAG Subconference. A reception will follow.

co-presented with Colectivo Acratas Los Angeles.

7 minute presentations by/about: Read the rest of this entry »

An Antagonists Guide To The Assholes Of Los Angeles is out

29 01 2013

Free Guide #3, Available Now-  Co-produced with Content-Object.
Cultivate a position.

Click to download a pdf of the guide LlanoAntagGuide though the real is much finer and free to (read on to learn how to get free print copy).

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Asshole Festival: A Self-Initiated Performance Festival & Celebration of Antagonists

1 01 2013

March 3
1 – 3 PM
Human Resources, Chinatown LA

To celebrate the  release of An Antagonist’s Guide to The Assholes Of Los Angeles, the Llano Del Rio Collective will be hosting this celebration and self-initiated performance festival to take place on the street corner in front of Human Resources.

We ask, if you can, bring an image of someone (you, your big mouth, those shits in the Geo Group, your buddy Stanky flipping off the Mayor, Bank of America, Donald Trump) being some kind of antagonist or douche bag (this is the self-initiated performance festival part). Then bring it down to Human Resources and scotch tape it to the wall out front (we’ll bring the tape).

At 2:00 Lisa Anne Auerbach, Jen Hofer, Janet Sarbanes, and Stephen Van Dyke will read some vitriol. Then we’ll drink prune juice.


Llano Del Rio / Content Object

Update (3/6/13): nice report about this weekend’s events from the LA Weekly


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