Rebel City Los Angeles Midwest Speaking Tour
Minneapolis- 6/21 (Assembly)
Stubenville Wisconsin- 7/4 (ACRE)
Chicago Ill – 7/7 (Marz Brewery)
Detroit/Hamtramck MI – 7/10 (Hamtramck Free School)

Radical Imagination Rebel City Release
“… woke up feeling like strangers in a foreign land…. clearly inconsistent with the values of the people ….”
The Llano Del Rio Collective invites you to a release event for our new guide Rebel City Los Angeles. Dancers John Birtle and Elana Mann as twins Water and Power. With stasima by Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Irina Contreras, and The Solidarity Research Center with Yvonne Yen Liu. They’ll break bread and swear.

Cash donations gathered for striking tenants. Illegitimi non carborundum.
DWP building
111 N Hope Street

Assembly Reading & Activity Group
Meeting #1 3/27/18 7:30 – 8:30 (future meetings tbd)
The Public School Los Angeles

After its first meeting at the Public School, the Assembly Reading And Activity Group will schedule subsequent monthly meetings at public amphitheaters and spaces throughout the city of Los Angeles. Beyond engaged readings of the text together, we’ll encourage the development of propositions to enact (metaphorically, or in actuality) elements of the book in public space. Knowing comes, by doing together.

Asshole Festival, A Self-Initiated Performance Festival and Celebration Of Antagonists
March 3rd 1- 3pm
On the sidewalk in front of Human Resources in LA’s Chinatown

To celebrate the release of An Antagonist’s Guide to The Assholes Of Los Angeles, the Llano Del Rio Collective will be hosting this celebration and self-initiated performance festival to take place on the street corner in front of Human Resources.We ask, if you can, bring an image of someone (you, your big mouth, that shit head who works with the Geo Group down the street, your buddy Stanky flipping off the Mayor, Bank of America, Donald Trump) being some kind of antagonist or douchebag somewhere (this is the “self-initiated performance festival” thing). Then bring it down to Human Resources and scotch tape it to the wall out front (we’ll bring the tape).At 2:00 Lisa Anne Auerbach, Jen Hofer, Janet Sarbanes, and Stephen Van Dyke will read some vitriol. Then we’ll drink prune juice.

Fall/Winter 2011/12 – Events Scheduled To Precede Asshole Guide
Through the Fall and Winter of 2011/12 we will be hosting a series of events accompanying and contextualizing our forthcoming guide to the Assholes of Los Angeles. (Exact dates and locations to follow soon.)

-September: Nicole Antebi screens her film Uisce Beatha, a short animation about William Mullhollands drunken trip to steal LA’s water from  Owens Valley.
-November 6th: A.L. Steiner and Andrea Bowers in conversation “Artists who are political”. LA City Hall Spring,  Street Steps 5-7.
-Nov 12th:  Draw-In; lead by Hillary Mushkin. We will be doing plein-aire drawing sessions at military contractor’s  around Los Angeles.
-Jan : Tour of South Central Farm in LA and Central Valley lead by Katie Bachler and So. Central Farmers.
-Jan: Colin Dickey reads about the shittiest places he’s ever been in LA, Lisa Anne Auerbach holds a grudge (Other participants to be added).
-Feb: Janet Owen Driggs discusses 7 forms of wielding power.

Nicole Antebi Projects Uisce Beatha on LA’s Mullolland Fountain
September 11th 9pm to 10pm

Uisce Beatha by Nicole Antebi

Uisce Beatha by Nicole Antebi

Bodycity perform Overpassages at 5 and 110 interchange
Sat. March, 5th 2011.
3:00 Pm
Meet at Confluence Park (the new park at the Southwest corner of the Home Depot parking lot at San Fernando Road )

For a review of this amazing event check out here!


River Bridge. Rainbow
Saturday July 3rd 3pm, 2010.
A Celebration Declaration for An Other LA
In the LA River by Fletcher Drive
River Bridge. Rainbow. July 3, 2010.

We  (John Burtle, Katie Bachler, Robby Herbst) built a bridge in the river. We made a web by declaring how it is that we participate in building another LA. When we all crossed to the island we read:

Another LA is
Crossing this island
Envisioning what we don’t know
Barely perceptible
All around
Ready for the taking
Ready to share
Riot of species
Connection between you and I and we and us and they not reduced to barbarism but exploded by plenty and pleasure and trust and hard work and not going away and some pain and and and and and and and and
The sound of the freeway stalled river babbles
Bird dives
Floating plastic becomes flag
Tennis ball is baby rattle
Rattle is compost
Compost island
Island Los Angeles

Metabolic Studios Public Salon Series
A Map For An Other LA: Post-Politics or Otherwise
Friday July 2nd, Noon, 2010.
At Farmlab
Robby Herbst and Katie Bachler

Metabolic Studios Public Salon Talk


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