Rebel City Los Angeles
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The Rebel City Los Angeles guide answers the question, what would Los Angeles look like if vertical power as we know it disappeared?. The illustrated two sided guide helps users visualize the city from below, providing details of a developing infrastructure of people-centered institutions supporting human activities outside corporate dominion; from electricity, housing, education, medicine, and banking. Los Angeles born saint Vaginal Davis said “riding on the subway system and buses,,, are the Southland’s true barometer and soul of the city” and the guide hopes to help you take the temperature. Publication lists over 60 sites, and includes essays by Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal and Robby Herbst. Rebel City Los Angeles is a part of the Llano Del Rio Rebel City Project.

Power Points
Free guide #5


The Power Points guide offers its users a group of exercise helping them visualize their evolving relationships within partisan, issues based, strategic campaigns. For this guide Artist Rosten Woo transcribed the Power Analysis tool developed by the South Los Angeles based community organization SCOPE (Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education) as a commission for the Llano Del Rio Collective. The guide asks its user to name and frame a cause they are committed to, and then provides them with activities to help map strategic relationships, allies and antagonists. Additionally in Power Points, Woo discusses the historic development of power analysis mapping from Saul Alinsky to SCOPE founder Anthony Thigpenn. The Power Points guide is best experienced as an active process, by working through the exercises Woo provides inside. Power Points will be helpful to anyone considering embarking on a political campaign or immersed in one. Los Angeles County residents may find free copies of the guide at the locations listed below, and may also obtain a free guide by contacting the Llano Del Rio Collective (at with their postal address.


Utopias of So.Cal.
Free guide #4

Utopias of SoCal, free find it around town

Utopias of SoCal, free find it around town

Utopias of So.Cal. contains reflections on the persistence of these colonies in our own utopian consciousness’  written by contemporary artists, filmmakers, and writers; Sandra De La Loza, David Frantz, Janet Sarbanes, Mady Schutzman, Jodie Willie and the Women’s Center For Creative Work (WCCW). This guide, like all Llano Del Rio guides, is free and available to residents of LA county through the mail (send your postal address) or around town (listed below). Non-residents of LA may purchase a copy of the guide online through & Pens Press. Utopias of So.Cal. was organized and written by the Llano Del Rio Collective with Erin Schneider, print design by Content Object.


An Antagonists Guide To the Assholes Of LA
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An Antagonist’s Guide To the Assholes Of Los Angeles traces a history, theory, and sites for creative agonistic social and political practice in LA. The guide annotates over 80 places; banks, businesses, politicians and polluters, war contractors, institutions, a troll, a yeller, and a cruel mis-dial. The list was sourced through an open public call and research. The guide frames for its users sites worthy of creative exploration throughout Los Angeles. We hope your practice benefits from it.

The guide also includes short essays framing antagonism within Los Angeles’ social and cultural history; contributions by The Llano Del Rio Collective, Marisa Jahn, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Laura Pullido, and Jennifer Flores Sternad.

The guide is available for free to all residents of LA County. Guides may be found at designated locations, or may be requested (by county residents) by post by contacting while they last. Anyone can purchase a guide by contacting Half Letter Press.


Scores For The City
Free guide #2

This two sided guide maps locations that have supported creative and radical behavior in LA, including freeway puppet shows, civic dance pageants, riots, and the gatherings of witches. The front of the map is an archive of documents relating to four  events. The backside is an exploration of the way non-conformist behavior in LA has helped shape collective imagination . The guide contains contributions by Llano Del Rio, Joel Kyack, Sandra de la Loza, Adam Overton, Nancy Popp, Jonah Schwartz, and Julia Wallace. Design by Kimberly Varella and Department of Graphic Sciences. Scores For The City was funded in part by a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation.


Map For An Other LA
Free guide #1



The full-color, two-sided map sites and describes locations that support, dream, act and aid in the creation of an other Los Angeles. Beekeepers, greywater operators, hacker spaces, cooperatives, collectives, art spaces, radical places, gardens, swimming holes, cooking collectives, think tanks etc….

PDF’s of Map (side 1 and 2) available here!

Front-Map for An Other LA

Back- Map For An Other LA

Originally distributed for free in Los Angeles County in 2010, and then reprinted in 2014 you can get a copy through Half Letter Press.


A People’s Art History of Los Angeles
The Llano Del Rio Collective along with the writer Nolan Boomer is developing an online map resource locating A Peoples Art History of Los Angeles.

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.45.54 AM
This project was directly inspired by Nicholas Lampert’s visit to Los Angeles in 2014 where he shared his book A People’s Art History Of The United States.
Map/Sketch to Financial and Some Co


Corporate Institutions In Downtown LA

This map to some of the financial and corporate institutions found near Occupy Los Angeles and LA City Hall. DTLA

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