Rebel City

This page lists, and links, events and articles affiliated with Llano Del Rio’s Rebel City Los Angeles Guide (due in print April, 2018).

Rebel City Los Angeles print guide
Two sided printed and folded guide to Rebel City Los Angeles, available free to residents of LA County, or for purchase.

Speaking For L.A.; Notes On A Latinx Rebel City – by Irina Contreras
Irina Contreras, Rebel City researcher, talks about a Rebel CIty from a Latinx perspective.

A Municipalism Bibliography With Los Angeles In Mind – by Alan Moore
Autonomous scholar and writer Alan Moore presents this subjective annotated bibliography surrounding the global “Municipalist Movement” with a particular eye to L.A..

Notes Towards A Municipalist Cultural Policy – by Marc Herbst
Marc Herbst theorizes what policies would support a municipalist approach to culture.

From Nowtopia To Rebel City – Interview With Chris Carlsson
A conversation with Bay Area urbanist Chris Carlsson on the ideas that supported his 2008 book Nowtopia (Autonomedia), which inspired Llano Del Rio’s first project; and how these ideas may relate to the ideas informing the Rebel City project.

Assembly Reading & Activity Group
Assembly by Hardt and Negri. Reading and Activity group first meeting at the Public School Los Angeles. Subsequent meeting sites tbd.

Minneapolis Municipalist Research Group
A check in with the Minneapolis based Municipalist Research Group.

What’s the Recipe For An Illustration About The Municipal Movement? – interview with Zemos 98 Media collective Zemos 98 explains the history of the Spanish Municipal moment and their Illustration “What Is The Recipe For A Municipal Movement” in this interview by Robby Herbst.

We Make Space and Space Makes Us
Group exhibition and  and soft debut of guide; curated by Gloria Galvez & Tasha Bjelić at Navel in Los Angeles.