A People’s Art History Of Los Angeles

21 02 2018
Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.42.51 AM

Google maps our Peoples Art History of Los Angeles, inspired by Nicolas Lampert, compiled by Llano Del Rio Collective, Angelinos, and writer Nolan Boomer

A Peoples Art History Of Los Angeles is a Google map developed by the Llano Del Rio Collective with the help of Nolan Boomer. It sights over 70 locations that can begin to constitute a peoples’ art history of the city. It roughly sketches the story of those sights and provides some resources for further study.

In March, 2014 artists Nicolas Lampert visited Los Angeles during a national book tour for his publication, A People’s Art History Of the United States. The Llano Del Rio Collective hosted an event for Lampert at the Los Angeles Public School. With the aid of Lampert, during the event the Collective asked the gathered public to “share historic sites and art projects that can constitute a shared people’s art history of L.A.”. That list formed the basis of a research project followed out by the Collective and writer Nolan Boomer.

Our  partial Peoples Art History Of Los Angeles attempts to locate art, and culturally relevant sites, intrinsic to people’s history of Los Angeles. Compiled in 2015, the map can use some updating, and doubtlessly many additions. However with such art historical locations as Speak, O’ Speak, the Aqualine, and The Great Wall oF Los Angeles, and such social centers as Radiotron, Peace & Justice Center, and the home of Harry Hay, this Google Map begins to illuminate a history of the relationship between creativity and social struggle of Los Angeles. This history is not written by objects in galleries, but created by individuals and communities engaged in struggles for economic, racial, and environmental justice.








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