We Need Your Help In Locating LA’s Assholes!

24 07 2011

We really do love love but we’re asking to see the darkness, to lay it all out in one place. When you can hold the stink and the light simultaneously, then aren’t you really alive? We want your help in locating LA’s assholes. We want to know who makes you angry, we want to know what makes us hurt, we want to know where in Los Angeles has made you feel so much that you skip work and tie yourself to a tree.

For publication in our next free map/guide to Los Angeles, send us physical locations (exact or approximate) of assholes or asshole events, along with short (short) description of why they are assholes. Also if you did something alone or together (positive, negative, or wtf?) in response to one of these assholes let us know. Corporate, Military, Private, Public, personal, permanent, temporary. Let us know who or what is noir for you in the city of angels.

-Send locations of Assholes (exact or approximate) and short description by October 1st, 2011 to llanodelrio@gmail.com.

– Include your postal address and we will mail you a copy of the guide when it is done.

-Your name will not be published with your submission unless requested.

-All submissions will be published (with the relative discretion of the Llano Del Rio).




2 responses

3 12 2011
Ruby Friedman

Genius concept. I got a lot of names for you.

21 06 2012
Summer News « Robby Herbst

[…] Llano Del Rio Collective’s, Antagonist’s Guide To LA is wrapping up and should be out soon. […]

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