Bodycity Saturday 3/5/11

3 03 2011


Overpassages at the 110 and 5 freeway interchange
Sat. March 5, 2011
3:00 Pm
Met at Confluence Park on San Fernando Road, then trecked up to the dance sites.

Bodycity in collaboration with Llano Del Rio,  performed and communicaed at the interchange of the 110 and 5 freeways, a dance specifically choreographed for the geography of Los Angeles, a city filled with phenomenal topographic features and an expansive freeway system

Overpassages takes its inspiration from trisha browns roof piece, performed in 1973—

“In Roof Piece, dancers telegraphed a sequence of big gestural moves from one to another along half a mile of downtown New York rooftops. No spectator could see the whole piece, but when the sequence reached the end and was relayed back the other way, you could see how the shapes decayed as each person picked them up and copied them…”




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