River Bridge. Rainbow.

4 08 2010

Participant in River Bridge. Rainbow. weaves web across the Los Angeles River .

On July 3, 2010 the Llano Del Rio Collective built a bridge to an island in the Los Angeles River. River Bridge Rainbow. We wove a web from land to island and declared the ways we participate in creating an other LA. Later we crossed to the island, read a manifesto and broke bread. The bridge to the island remained until the river washed it away.

Another LA is
Crossing this island
Envisioning what we don’t know
Barely perceptible
All around
Ready for the taking
Ready to share
Riot of species
Connection between you and I and we and us and they not reduced to barbarism but exploded by plenty and pleasure and trust and hard work and not going away and some pain and and and and and and and and
The sound of the freeway stalled river babbles
Bird dives
Floating plastic becomes flag
Tennis ball is baby rattle
Rattle is compost
Compost island
Island Los Angeles




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